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Back in 2016 we knew IT was rapidly evolving and we kept using the same methods for trying to solve Security Threats and breaches with ineffective firewalls, methods and no real single vendor platform (along with additional layers of protection) to secure environments end to end. Network Edge to Endpoint, there were so many gaps and every vendor had a piece in the puzzle but none of it really talked to each other, and if it did there was limited API integrations. Also in the equation for having a 2-3 platform solution was very cost prohibitive to the very organizations that needed it most, but couldn't afford to benefit from it.

Our Journey has been just that - we have found a way to bring something that was once only affordable by large organizations and at a core foundation, be able to provide that to you with very minimal overhead month to month. When you add in the price per feature set of fully managed security services plus 24x7 monitoring, response, and remediation, your cost for value becomes so good, it doesn't make sense NOT to have it. Price per feature you are secured with multiple layers of protection at a fraction of the cost of large vendors.

This is our first blog post, but follow us for much more coming. We will be doing weekly blog posts, webinars, training sessions, Q&A and even hosting our own Podcast coming later with more details announced in March!

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